I'm writing this update to you today to quickly brief you on all that has taken place these past two weeks here at A Woman's Concern. What a two week's it has been!

First, I want you to be amongst the first to hear that we have reached 42% of our fundraising goal of $650,000! To date, we have raised over $272,000! WOW. Our partners - YOU - never cease to amaze me. THANK YOU. 

Just yesterday, we were featured in both the Lancaster Newspaper AND ABC27 who both did a story on our Expanding Hope Project. You can read the article here! This is the first time we have ever been featured on ABC27, and I expect this will be one of many exciting firsts for us here at A Woman's Concern! 

Also, I would be remiss if I did not thank the Knights of Columbus for their hard work in raising us over $80,000 to go towards medical equipment to be used in our new facility. What a beautiful ceremony we had!

As you can see, so much is taking place - we are making history here... and I want to make sure you are a continued part of it!

Last but certainly not least, you should have received an invite by now to our annual banquet. This year we are hearing from a panel of speakers, all of whom quit their job in the abortion industry. For these workers, the day they quit their job in the abortion industry and walked out of the door was their day of hope and newness of life. Come join us in hearing these inspiring stories that teach us how LIFE BRINGS HOPE for every one, in every state of life.

THANK YOU for your continued partnership and support for our mission. I will be back in touch again very soon with another exciting update!

For Life,
Jill Hartman,
Executive Director

PS: If you have not given, you can give any amount today online. $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $25, anything helps us to ensure that we are able to provide expanded services and hope to women and their families in Lancaster.